OpenShift Extended Update Support (EUS)

Something I recently learned from testing the EUS to EUS process, and I like to share the steps here. Starting OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.12, Red hat is adding an additional 6 months of Extended Update Support (EUS) on even-numbered OCP release for the x86_64 architecture.

We can upgrade from a EUS version to the next EUS version with only a single reboot of non-control plane hosts. There are caveats that are listed in the reference section below.

Steps to upgrade from 4.10.x to 4.12 using the EUS-to-EUS upgrade

  • Verify that all machine config pools display a status of Up to date and that no machine config pool displays a status of “UPDATING.”
  • Set your channel to eus-<4.y+2>
  • The channel is set to eus-4.12
  • Pause all worker machine pools except for the master machine pool
  • Update 4+1 only with Partial cluster update
  • Wait for the partial upgrade to complete
  • Make sure the partial update is completed
  • No reboot for workers as noted that workers are paused on the K8S v 1.23
  • Check the OCP console
  • Check the KCS ​​ Review the k8s API version update and ensure the workloads are working properly and will be using the newly updated K8S API version.
  • Execute the following command:
    oc -n openshift-config patch cm admin-acks --patch '{"data":{"ack-4.11-kube-1.25-api-removals-in-4.12":"true"}}' --type=merge
  • OCP console shows
  • Click resume all updates
  • Double-check all machine pools. If updating, please wait for it to complete.
  • Upgrade completed and now showing OCP 4.12 (K8S v1.25)


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